To really truly build Zion so that the city of Enoch  may return and the two Zion's amalgamate.

Let's get one thing straight - Zion needs good inspired people, like you. You are coming here because you are looking for more truth or would like to share your insights to whatever degree - welcome and thanks in advance.

The purpose of this website is to simply share those things that the spirit would have us share, to lift, sustain, build, and help one another until we have built a literal real Zion on earth - where there are truly no poor amongst us spiritually or temporally and we are one in heart and mind.

5 years ago (read more on about us page) we were as naive as an innocently active, LDS, church-going couple could be. We were wrestling with the spirit greatly in our lives, struggling to understand what we were feeling and what we were being taught by both men and the holy spirit. We have come so far only because of Christ's mercy upon us and our learning to trust in him more fully.

We will attempt to share our witnesses of principles of truth (Christ's judgements and statutes - his other non-ten commandments) as we are given them and prompted to do so by his spirit. We are excited to be learning by his Spirit and are hopeful to share those things we are learning - knowing that each of our journeys must be lead by the perceiving of the Holy Spirit in our own personal lives, unless we be deceived (See: D&C 46:8, 52:14, 45:57, 50:2-3, 123:12 ).

We hope to uplift and edify one another - learn together - and be open minded enough to allow Christ to pour out his doctrine into our new wine bottles so to speak  (Mark 2:22, Matt 9:17, Luke 5:37) - as in our view, things just aren't working out to where we could say Zion is prospering - and the perception of the Holy Spirit in our lives is leading us to the patterns in the Lord's dealings with his children throughout Earth's history, patters that paint a vision of All is NOT so well in Zion, and Zion does not prosper currently in the way it should be (2 Nephi 2:28).

We are open books, please feel free to ask any questions and we will strive to respond as we feel so inspired - and have time...

We write this blog as husband and wife under one account, so as you read you will just have to figure out which one of is is writing currently - that makes it more interesting... :)

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