Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Late War - LDS Mormon GMO Monsonto Gospel

An interesting read from a book "THE LATE WAR" (aprox. 1817), Young Joseph Smith likely would have read as a youth in New York.
The book reads very similarly to the Book of Mormon, down to captain Jackson (like a Captain Moroni) and many other similarities - published for kids and youth for schools in America, maybe as a way God could get the rising generations to also appreciate another pattern of his working even through the Late War in the promised land, also maybe showing to the future corporate church that God is not partial, he is all knowing, and guess what, he inspired another book about the war in this promised land, which happens to be of the same spirit and pattern of the Book of Mormon, wherein one may be inspired and find truth.
This book, and others (like The First Book of Napolean) do not change my belief in the truth contained in the Book of Mormon, on the contrary adds valuable insights into God being an impartial God, a super-cool, all knowing, God (knowing that a GMO would ultimately try to be put upon His gospel by a growing corporate church). It's our prerogative to find out the truth individually from God. To follow our own moral compass and seek truth where it is found.
Is the LDS church wrong in claiming to own the seed of God's inspiration and work, trying to GMO it in other words, becoming their own MONSONto, to control it, and package it as if they have a monopoly on God's revelations? Is God exposing the error and unbelief of the corporation by allowing these types of books to be discovered? These are not anit-mormon books folks - but Books from unrelated authors that sound and feel insanely like the Book of Mormon, or at least sound like a God who is showing his pattern in many other places, other than the Book of Mormon, for His purposes.
I would venture to say that the LDS church has been crafting a GMO gospel using the natural seed (note: GMO foods/seeds still feed people, but they often destroy, alter, and inhibit the full essence of the natural seed and it's nutrients).
Can you hear the GMO in the follow the prophet mentality? You cannot find your own natural seed to plant, you must follow the prophet and thereby you will be granted immunity from all evils... Your seed has become a super seed, just like Monsonto has created a super seed owned by their corporation.
In summary - I expect the Book of Mormon to have many sister accounts that are similar to it - around the world, because God speaks to all nations, kindreds, and tongues and people - does he not? What a beautiful thing to understand that the LDS church's GMO version of God's impartial love - through the Book of Mormon is in error - causing way too many to throw it all out (having discovered the GMO in it) because GMO seeds are not best for you and often only producing fruit once, in it's super-perfect GMO's color and form. Seeds that mostly can't be replanted.
Rather, God is encouraging us to bask in His love, which is found within you - you are the beautiful kingdom of God, you are the essence of God, not a corporate church who has GMO'd the gospel.
Again, one would perhaps rather eat a GMO apple then die of starvation, and it seems God uses it all for our good, but the danger is, that a single disease or doubt, can wipe out the GMO version of the gospel. I see this with so many who are throwing out the baby with the bath water, leaving it all as a false deception, which we blame on the GMO.
God is undoing our LDS GMO by allowing us to discover that he has shared His intellectual property with many. He is not mocked.
When you GMO something you are going for a one size fits and protects all, when you allow God to do his perfect work with each of his children naturally, you see a much different growth pattern and WAY more variety vs cookie cutter perfection.
There is no safety in the GMO-ing of living beautiful things. The church is fastidious at protecting it's brand, it's claimed intellectual property, but God is freely spilling his words into the hearts of his children. This book is evidence of that to us.
How cool is it that there is another book written by a man who helped inspire the children of America with similar lessons of the BOM, good and valuable principles of truth inspired from on high.
2 Nephi 29:3 (edits added) - Imagine reading this in another book some day.
And because my words shall hiss forth—many of the Gentiles shall say: A Book of Mormon! A Book of Mormon! We have got a Book of Mormon, and there cannot be any more Book of Mormon, and if there was one, it will be through our GMO'd church seeds!

The following links, has a movie about seeds, which has a great parallel to what the Spirit has taught us after years now of prayerfully asking God on these matters, since resigning NOT from the gospel, but the GMO'd corporate version which we now know we are super sensitive to.
If the seed is good, as we learn in the Book of Mormon, then it will grow as it is nourished - but what if the seed planted was GMOed after all, by the corporate church? What if the pattern we are seeing is no different from the men of Monsonto, men who do things their own way, rather than naturally by God's way? but this time it is the Monsonto of the gospel narrative? A GMO seed produces fruit, most often once. But that fruit is not a fullness of what a natural seed can do.
What to do?
An invite to ask God to know if your seed is a GMO type or a natural type - what we are seeing is many are discovering it was a GMO seed after all these years in Mormonism, and way too many are then denouncing it all as false, and this being mostly the fault of the corporation messing with the natural seed of the restored gospel, creating their packaged and delivered GMO version.
The key is to recognize and follow the voice of Christ, and he will lead you line up line, here a little there a little, until you are ready to undue whatever beliefs keep you hooked on the GMO version of His gospel, which gospel is much more robust and inclusive than what we are taught in the LDS corp's version.

This book and others like it have increased our faith in God, His gospel, His love, and how often men seek to control what God is giving freely to all (far more inspiring it seems than some essay on polygamy and books at corporate owned book stores, but God takes us where we are at for sure).
In your discussion here, show why the gospel the church packages and sells is not GMO'd - compared to Joseph's version.
How do YOU explain the books being discovered having many similar Book of Mormon (aka God's) patterns in them? Is not this a reason to rejoice? Is not this evidence of a God who saw our day in advance and prepared other witnesses to both test our faith and provide the information to help us finally see the GMO in the church's version of the gospel?
An invite to share what you have learned from these books being discovered.
What has the voice of Christ taught you about them?
How is the LDS corporate church different than Monsonto (in light of GMOs, controlling them, etc.)?