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Simply put, we are a husband-wife team, parents, lovers, home-schoolers, artists, children ourselves, lovers of our children, loving siblings, seekers of truth, actively engaged pro-constitutionalists - striving to become an image of God together as husband and wife - as a couple in the image of God (man and wife together as one).

We believe that the image of God is to have the image of his life (He has an Eternal Marriage as man and wife inseparable) in our countenances, works, children, family, doings, acts, and life - such that when you meet us, you see a reflection of the image of God in us - which image is that of eternal family, eternal life, eternal posterity, joy, peace, light, and truth - the image of a man and a woman as one equal partnership.

We believe in a God that loves all his children - and that the adversary is truly deceiving the whole world, and if we are to do anything with you as one of our friends, it will be to flatter you not, but love you so much that we will share what we have learned by the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, so that you can be awoken, as we have been awoken and are continuing to be awoken by the light of truth, such that our lives continue to change forever, the scriptures open up anew every time new light is gained. We expect the same reciprocal love from our friends to us, flattering us know, but speaking truth back to us.

We have been raised by well-meaning parents who did and are doing the best with what they have and had. But we feel the spirit helping us see that the way our parents and their parents have done things in the church just are not cutting it, nor are we getting any closer to building a city like unto the city of enoch.

We feel because we have been allowing the spirit to work with us, and are keeping an open mind and heart, the spirit is leading us on a journey as a family, couple, and individually to learn what it was like to be like an Abraham family, outside the traditions of our society, which many of such traditions are completely not the way the Lord would have us do things, but we fear society, we have societal pressures, societal norms, and esp. LDS acceptable culture norms, norms and traditions thick in the LDS culture that put immense pressure (from ourselves, the adversary, and well-meaning but ignorant fellow saints) on people, a couple, a family like ourselves who are simply following the spirit, a Jealous God speaking directly to us, rather than being told again and again, we shouldn't' do anything unless the brethren approve it.

I have professional experience as an artist, illustrator, child educator, BYU janitor (to pay for college), cook, landscaper, graphic artist - but all this pales with what I am currently doing, which is home schooling my children, supporting a husband that is always reaching for the clouds (I'm the anchor or kite string keeping him from floating away in the storms).

I have professional experience as a computer technician, web developer, database developer, graphic artist, small business consultant,  online marketing, SEO, SEM, anything dealing with the web, landscaper, residential architecting, product design & development - but all this pales with what I am currently doing, what the Lord gave us in answer to our asking him to prosper us - I sell hair bows, hundreds of thousands each month, online, all over the world. :)

We feel humbled by the Lord's dealings with us, and we feel we are open books  to share whatever the Spirit looses our tongues and enables us to share -  with so many good people who are seeking to know the Lord as we are.

We believe the Lord is doing a mysterious thing (he calls it his strange act in the last days) amongst his Saints of the Last days, as we truly are deceived for the most part. Blessed as much as we are allowing ourselves to be blessed. But we feel the Lord will challenge our faith, every last one of us, such to see if we follow and have taken the Holy Spirit as our guide or if our faith is too much upon a man with a sustaining vote.

We believe and feel the love of a Jealous God in our lives, and are constantly repenting of our: mistakes, ignorance, unbelief (believing in things that are not true - like lots of LDS culture traditions and histories), and esp. our fear of offending mankind more than following the promptings of the spirit (like not taking our children to primary, as our standards are no longer the standards of the average Latter Day Saint home, and we had to draw a line, and the spirit lead us down that path).

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