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Lehi's Vision - A Warning of Pride for Exceeding Fine Dressed Latter Day Saints

 "Knowledge does not equal understanding. Truth is truth no matter what I think about it.  So be very careful how you interpret things, because you are looking at the world with a bias, whether you think you are or not."

- Destin - Backwards Brain Bicycle VIDEO

An introspective invitation to consider another perspective of Lehi's Vision, written for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (formerly known as Mormons).

Disagree? Have another perspective I missed? Reply with your take on the same in the comments below.


Growing up LDS, I had many interesting visuals painted into my mind either by teachers and their then biases on what they thought scriptures meant, or visual media from the church or members of the church on all sorts of stories, scriptures, and topics. In particular, I have vivid memories and visuals from watching the Living Scriptures version of Lehi's dream, which I will discuss in depth below. 

I grew up simply accepting what I was taught should be the interpretation of certain scripture stories. These were mostly interpretations from general authorities, scholars, mentors, and parents. More often than not, many of the accepted meanings didn't quite settle for me. I couldn't really put my thumb on it then, I simply was just to simple minded, naive, and fearful. But as I sat in class after class, Sunday school after Sunday school, talk after talk, my heart would not settle with many of the shared meanings of stories and scriptures. It was like it was all packaged into a perfect little box of understanding we all were given and supposed to follow and not question. 

Lehi's vision is one of those ahah stories, which after I allowed myself the sacred space to discover God on my own, outside the control of religion - I went back, and maybe like a child going back to read a book from their childhood, read it again, and understood it in a way that nobody every taught me, shared, considered, or maybe even dared to believe.

I share this with invitation to my fellow LDS to open their hearts and minds and consider where they, like me, fit into what I believe is one real purpose of this particular scriptural account in the Book of Mormon.


1 Nephi 8 - Book of Mormon

As Lehi describes his dream to his sons, the first person he encounters is a "man, and he was dressed in a white robe". Most members I talk to believe that person is either an angel or Jesus himself teaching him a lesson. The footnotes even suggests this is Jehovah, or Jesus. Whether or not that is where you stand, I'm going to take the scriptures at their words, and simply suggest Lehi runs into a man dressed in a white robe. 

What does the man ask of Lehi?

The man in a white robe then spoke to and bade (invited) Lehi to follow him, which Lehi did. You can begin to draw your own analogies about any of this, like trusting in the arm of flesh Christ speaks against so much throughout scripture, but I'm going to simply continue to the major shift in perspective I believe this scripture is trying to tell the very members of the church it was written for, which I, myself, am also included. 

Upon following the man, where does Lehi end up? 

Verse 7 tells us that as Lehi followed him, and upon doing so, he ended up in a "dark and dreary waste". Interesting if nothing else. Please continue, as it gets more clear as we read on. 

In verse 8, we read how, after following this man in a white robe, Lehi had travelled for many hours in darkness, upon which he then decides to pray to the Lord for mercy. An interesting almost paralleled plea we read in Psalm 51, where repentance seeking is the key to both prayers by both prophets of God. Could Lehi and David be asking for forgiveness of erring in fearing men more than God? Food for thought

After praying for mercy, Lehi then finds himself in a large and spacious field, where he sees the tree whose fruit was desirable to make one happy. 

We read about the sweetness of the fruit, Lehi's desire that others come and partake of the same fruit - and then we get to the perspective shift I believe members of the church might consider more deeply. 

Great and Spacious Building

As Lehi continues on in his dream, he gets to the part where he beholds a great and spacious building which stood as if it was in the air, high above the earth. We won't dive into much here other than the invite to consider that this building was basically exalting itself into the heavens, or high above the earth. That could be symbolic, but let's continue. 

Lehi sees that this great and spacious building, high above the earth, was filled with people. Which kind of people? Young and old, male and female. Simple as that. It had grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, kids, and babies.

Growing up LDS, the scene of this great and spacious building was ingrained in my mind as both the "other" churches, mainly catholic, and the worldy sinful people. The visual I had since I was young, was that of a building filled with people drinking beer, doing drugs, living lasciviously, and all were wearing scantily clad dresses, silks, expensive clothings, maybe some revealing attire, and they were lustful, boastful and partying with Laman and Lemuel hot on the trail to join them (watch video for yourself, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2 - warning, you'll never unsee this). 

Discussing this vision with my LDS neighbor, who happens to be of Latin descent, he laughed as he said he thought all the people in the great and spacious building were latins, doing bad things. We both laughed and realized how crazy different our ideas were on the same Lehi dream.

Whatever our visual has been on this dream, if we look at the words of Lehi and take them at face value, the people in this great and spacious building were simply male and female, the young and the old, all wearing something in common - which Lehi describes as, "exceedingly fine dress". 

Let's pause and consider Lehi's bias in this statement of "exceeding fine dress". Reading Lehi's history in the Book of Mormon we can see he was most likely wealthy - as the well-to-do Laban lusted after their great possessions when Lehi's sons attempted to trade the same for the plates of brass, not to mention how hard it was for his sons to leave such a life they had.

So we have Lehi, most likely a wealthy metallurgist, who, upon looking at these young and old, male and females in this great and spacious building, saw what they were wearing, and described the same clothing as "exceedingly fine dress". We could read that to mean Lehi saw finely spun threads (exceedingly fine compared to the fine spun clothing of his day) or we could also assume he meant expensive or richly dressed - again thinking of his perspective from a wealthy standpoint, but either works for our analogy.

So, just to introduce the alternative perspective, let's re-evaluate Lehi's statements and apply them to modern day LDS, or to ourselves. 

I also cast my eyes round about, and beheld a great and spacious building / church / conference center, and it stood, as it were high above the earth, exalting itself maybe even to the heavens, and it was filled with people, young and old, male and female, all wearing their exceedingly fine Sunday best.

Now, before you are tempted to react or be triggered, I invite you to challenge yourself here, as I did and have, and point to yourself in this perspective. Those people, in the building, are us religious people, in our exceeding fine spun Sunday best dress.

What are these people, in their Sunday best, in the conference centers, or religious buildings around the world doing? 

Lehi specifically states, these people were doing one thing, in that they were "in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who were simply partaking of God's love (the fruit)."

To be fair, many LDS are great people, I myself considered myself the same, a loving kind person. I would never outright point my finger at someone and mock them. But it doesn't say that in this account. Lehi specifically sees these people, in their exceedingly fine spun Sunday best, exalted high above the earth, in the "attitude" of mocking those partaking of the fruit (love of God). 

Fascinating. We don't have to outright be mocking people, pointing our fingers of maybe judgement, pride, or scorn at others, but simply, we can be in the attitude of mocking others, is expressly how Lehi put it in this scriptural account. 

What could that mean? To be in the attitude of mocking others? 

For me, I for sure was naively in the "attitude" of mocking others and didn't even realize it, as I supposedly had the truth, the only truth and my attitude towards those who didn't have what I had, was not outright mockery, but for sure an attitude of my being in a greater place than they were, as they supposedly sought the fruit of the tree outside the only true religion on earth. All was well in my Zion, I was safe, yet was I in that exalted building, high above the earth in the attitude of mocking others holding fast to Christ (the Iron Rod) to reach, not some building or religions, but simply, the Love of God?

Now we could go into Nephi's version of his father's dream, later in Chapter 11 and read how it says the Great and Spacious Building represents the Pride of the world, but that, for me, only strengthens the symbology that whether it represents the conference center, the temples, the chapel down the road of the LDS or any religion at that, it for sure says it was high above the earth (the heavens) in the attitude of mocking those simply seeking the Love of God.


Bias is bias. I have just shared another bias, or shadow of truth about a story in the Book of Mormon. This bias however, for me makes so much more sense, and does so much more for the individual's humility, which the scriptures are constantly inviting us to strip ourselves of our opposing pride, than does believing that the great and spacious building is some other church or the wicked of the world. 

The man in the white robe is plainly stated as a man, in a white robe, which if we follow, like Lehi, we could end up in dark places - rather, Lehi was delivered by praying directly to the Lord, and the man in the white robe then becomes super insignificant and forgotten. There is a lesson in that little run-in, a lesson repeated throughout scripture about trusting in the arm of flesh over God.

The great and spacious building, the pride of the world as Nephi put it later in chapter 11,  has no foundation, yet is very strongly symbolic of religions or churches, in that it specifically stands high above the earth, almost exalting itself to the Heavens.

I am willing to look at myself as one of those in that building, in my exceedingly fine spun Sunday best or even normal fine spun threaded clothing, and be sure that I check myself, to see if my biases are causing me to judge others who are not dressed as I am, know what I think I know, or attending the "true church" with me, as after all, the "last judgement" we tend to project onto God is maybe not what we have been taught or think it is, in that the last judgement for each of us will be the last time we judge ourselves and others, the last judgement of ourselves and others - which upon achieving such level of charity and love, we then step into the kingdom of God which is within each of us.

God's love is not exclusive. The tree of Life is for all. Hopefully we can look at these stories a little different and find that when we think for ourselves, setting aside fear (the opposite of faith), rather than maybe follow those men in white robes, we will discover how most scripture points directly to one thing, our uncovering of our own ego-minds, pride, and judgement of others and ourselves.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Late War - LDS Mormon GMO Monsonto Gospel

An interesting read from a book "THE LATE WAR" (aprox. 1817), Young Joseph Smith likely would have read as a youth in New York.
The book reads very similarly to the Book of Mormon, down to captain Jackson (like a Captain Moroni) and many other similarities - published for kids and youth for schools in America, maybe as a way God could get the rising generations to also appreciate another pattern of his working even through the Late War in the promised land, also maybe showing to the future corporate church that God is not partial, he is all knowing, and guess what, he inspired another book about the war in this promised land, which happens to be of the same spirit and pattern of the Book of Mormon, wherein one may be inspired and find truth.
This book, and others (like The First Book of Napolean) do not change my belief in the truth contained in the Book of Mormon, on the contrary adds valuable insights into God being an impartial God, a super-cool, all knowing, God (knowing that a GMO would ultimately try to be put upon His gospel by a growing corporate church). It's our prerogative to find out the truth individually from God. To follow our own moral compass and seek truth where it is found.
Is the LDS church wrong in claiming to own the seed of God's inspiration and work, trying to GMO it in other words, becoming their own MONSONto, to control it, and package it as if they have a monopoly on God's revelations? Is God exposing the error and unbelief of the corporation by allowing these types of books to be discovered? These are not anit-mormon books folks - but Books from unrelated authors that sound and feel insanely like the Book of Mormon, or at least sound like a God who is showing his pattern in many other places, other than the Book of Mormon, for His purposes.
I would venture to say that the LDS church has been crafting a GMO gospel using the natural seed (note: GMO foods/seeds still feed people, but they often destroy, alter, and inhibit the full essence of the natural seed and it's nutrients).
Can you hear the GMO in the follow the prophet mentality? You cannot find your own natural seed to plant, you must follow the prophet and thereby you will be granted immunity from all evils... Your seed has become a super seed, just like Monsonto has created a super seed owned by their corporation.
In summary - I expect the Book of Mormon to have many sister accounts that are similar to it - around the world, because God speaks to all nations, kindreds, and tongues and people - does he not? What a beautiful thing to understand that the LDS church's GMO version of God's impartial love - through the Book of Mormon is in error - causing way too many to throw it all out (having discovered the GMO in it) because GMO seeds are not best for you and often only producing fruit once, in it's super-perfect GMO's color and form. Seeds that mostly can't be replanted.
Rather, God is encouraging us to bask in His love, which is found within you - you are the beautiful kingdom of God, you are the essence of God, not a corporate church who has GMO'd the gospel.
Again, one would perhaps rather eat a GMO apple then die of starvation, and it seems God uses it all for our good, but the danger is, that a single disease or doubt, can wipe out the GMO version of the gospel. I see this with so many who are throwing out the baby with the bath water, leaving it all as a false deception, which we blame on the GMO.
God is undoing our LDS GMO by allowing us to discover that he has shared His intellectual property with many. He is not mocked.
When you GMO something you are going for a one size fits and protects all, when you allow God to do his perfect work with each of his children naturally, you see a much different growth pattern and WAY more variety vs cookie cutter perfection.
There is no safety in the GMO-ing of living beautiful things. The church is fastidious at protecting it's brand, it's claimed intellectual property, but God is freely spilling his words into the hearts of his children. This book is evidence of that to us.
How cool is it that there is another book written by a man who helped inspire the children of America with similar lessons of the BOM, good and valuable principles of truth inspired from on high.
2 Nephi 29:3 (edits added) - Imagine reading this in another book some day.
And because my words shall hiss forth—many of the Gentiles shall say: A Book of Mormon! A Book of Mormon! We have got a Book of Mormon, and there cannot be any more Book of Mormon, and if there was one, it will be through our GMO'd church seeds!

The following links, has a movie about seeds, which has a great parallel to what the Spirit has taught us after years now of prayerfully asking God on these matters, since resigning NOT from the gospel, but the GMO'd corporate version which we now know we are super sensitive to.
If the seed is good, as we learn in the Book of Mormon, then it will grow as it is nourished - but what if the seed planted was GMOed after all, by the corporate church? What if the pattern we are seeing is no different from the men of Monsonto, men who do things their own way, rather than naturally by God's way? but this time it is the Monsonto of the gospel narrative? A GMO seed produces fruit, most often once. But that fruit is not a fullness of what a natural seed can do.
What to do?
An invite to ask God to know if your seed is a GMO type or a natural type - what we are seeing is many are discovering it was a GMO seed after all these years in Mormonism, and way too many are then denouncing it all as false, and this being mostly the fault of the corporation messing with the natural seed of the restored gospel, creating their packaged and delivered GMO version.
The key is to recognize and follow the voice of Christ, and he will lead you line up line, here a little there a little, until you are ready to undue whatever beliefs keep you hooked on the GMO version of His gospel, which gospel is much more robust and inclusive than what we are taught in the LDS corp's version.

This book and others like it have increased our faith in God, His gospel, His love, and how often men seek to control what God is giving freely to all (far more inspiring it seems than some essay on polygamy and books at corporate owned book stores, but God takes us where we are at for sure).
In your discussion here, show why the gospel the church packages and sells is not GMO'd - compared to Joseph's version.
How do YOU explain the books being discovered having many similar Book of Mormon (aka God's) patterns in them? Is not this a reason to rejoice? Is not this evidence of a God who saw our day in advance and prepared other witnesses to both test our faith and provide the information to help us finally see the GMO in the church's version of the gospel?
An invite to share what you have learned from these books being discovered.
What has the voice of Christ taught you about them?
How is the LDS corporate church different than Monsonto (in light of GMOs, controlling them, etc.)?

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Parables of Joseph Smith (Hidden Messages of His Innocence) - Fruits of a True Prophet

I just read for the first time ever, one of Joseph's parables (I did not know he spoke parables - but why not as the inspired Prophet of the restoration - and I submit just one of the Treasures he said we could find in his submissions to the Times and Seasons) in which parable hidden messages can be found of his innocence in relationship to the numerous accusations (that sadly still are promulgated today and even taught in manuals) heaped towards him, esp. the FALSE ACCUSATIONS of his having practiced and taught polygamy.

If there ever was a time to wake up to the truth about Joseph and polygamy, is it not now in these last days? I feel that this very irony and paradox will be one major divisive line that all saints must take heed to, as if we do not recognize and heed the voice of Christ, esp. in this matter, then we may very well be deceived in the end, as many are called but few are chosen.

An invite to ask the Lord about this parable and the source where I was lead to find it this 4th watch in the morning.

One of Joseph's many "treasures" to be found and verified always by the voice that testifies of truth.

Joseph Found Another Way to Say, "I Am Innocent" [interpretations added in brackets by those in the source I posted below the parable] worth a read through:

It came to pass that as I [Joseph] went forth like a young fawn, one day, to feed upon the green grass in my pasture, an ass [Dr. John C. Bennett] saw me, and brayed, and made a great noise; which a neighboring lion [editor] hearing roared, even as a lion roareth when he beholds his prey: at the sound of his voice the beasts of the field were alarmed, and the lions in the adjoining jungles pricked their ears and roared in their turn; and behold all the lions [editors] of the forest, alarmed by the noise, opened their mouths and uttered forth their voice which was as the roaring of a cataract, or as the voice of thunder; so tremendous was their roaring that the trees of the forest shook, as if they were shaken by a mighty wind; and all the beasts of the forest trembled, as if a whirlwind were passing. I lifted up mine eyes with astonishment when I heard the voice of the lions, and saw the fury of their rage. I asked, is it possible that so many lords of the forest, such noble beasts, should condescend to notice one solitary fawn, that is feeding alone upon his pasture; without attempting to excite either their jealousy or anger? I have not strayed from the fold, nor injured the trees of the forest, nor hurt the beasts of the field, nor trampled upon their pasture, nor drunk of their streams; why then their rage against me? When lo! and behold! they again uttered their voices, as the voice of great thunderings, and there was given unto them the voice of men; but it was difficult for me to distinguish what was said, among so many voices; but ever and anon I heard a few broken, incoherent sentences, like the following:— Murder! Desolation!! Bloodshed!!! Arson!!! Treason!!! Joe Smith and the Mormons!... I then lifted up my voice and said, hear me, ye beasts of the forest! and all ye great lions [editors] pay attention! I am innocent of the things whereof ye accuse me. I have not been guilty of violating your laws, nor of trespassing upon your rights. My hands are clean from the blood of all men, and I am at the defiance of the world to substantiate the crimes whereof I am accused; wherefore, then, should animals of your noble mein stoop to such little jealousies, such vulgar language, and lay such unfounded charges at the door of the innocent (italics added)? It is true that I once suffered an ass [Dr. Bennett] to feed in my pasture; he ate at my crib and drank at my waters, but possessing the true nature of an ass, he began to foul the water with his feet, and to trample under foot the green grass, and destroy it. I therefore put him out of my pasture, and he began to bray. Many of the lions in the adjoining jungles mistaking his braying for the roaring of a lion, commenced roaring. When I proclaimed this abroad many of the lions began to enquire into the matter.... And they felt ashamed of themselves for being decoyed into such base ribaldry, and foul-mouthed slander [Dr. Bennett's polygamous charges against Joseph]. But there were many that lost sight of their dignity, and continued to roar.... Among these was a great lion, whose den was on the borders of the eastern sea [Editor James Gordon Bennett of the New York Herald].... His might, his influence were felt to the ends of the earth; when he lashed his tail the beasts of the forest trembled; and when he roared all the great lions and the young lions crouched down at his feet.*
This great lion lifting up himself and beholding the fawn afar off [in Illinois], he opened his mouth, and joining in the common roar, uttered the following...
JOE SMITH IN TROUBLE.—By a letter which we published on Sunday, from Springfield, Illinois, it appears that Joe Smith, the great Mormon Prophet, has at last given himself up to the authorities of Illinois.... why does not Joe try his power at working a miracle or two? Now's the time to prove his mission—besides being very convenient for himself."
When I heard it, I said poor fellow! How has thy dignity fallen!...
And now, friend B. [James Gordon Bennett] allow me to whisper a word in thine ear. Dost thou not know that there is a God in the heavens that judgeth? that setteth up one and putteth down another according to the counsel of his own will? That if thou possesses! any influence, wisdom, dominion, or power, it comes from God, and to him thou art indebted for it? That he holds the destinies of men in his power, and can as easily put down as he has raised up? Tell me when hast thou treated a subject of religious and eternal truth with that seriousness and candor that the importance of the subject demands from a man in thy standing, possessing thy calling and influence? As you seem to be quite a theologist, allow me to ask a few questions, why did not God deliver Micaiah from the hands of his persecutors? Why did not Jeremiah "work a miracle or two," to help him out of the dungeon? It would have been "very convenient." Why did not Zacheriah, by a miracle prevent the people from slaying him? Why did not our Saviour come down from the cross? The people asked him to do it; and besides he had "saved others," and could not save himself, so said the people. Why did he not prove his mission by working a miracle and coming down? Why did not Paul by a miracle prevent the people from stoning and whipping him? It would have been "very convenient." Or why did the saints of God, in every age, have to wander about in sheep skins and goat skins? Being tempted, tried, and sawn asunder; of whom the world was not worthy....
I listened, and lo! I heard a voice, and it was the voice of my shepherd [Jesus Christ], saying, listen all ye lions [editors] of the forest; and all the beasts of the field give ear; ye have sought to injure the innocent [with many false charges, including plural marriage]; and your hands have been lifted against the weak, the injured and the oppressed. Ye have pampered the libertine, the calumniator, and the base. Ye have winked at vice, and trodden under foot the virtuous and the pure. Therefore hear, all ye lions of the forest. The Lord God will take from you your teeth, so that you shall no longer devour. He will pluck out your claws, so that you can no longer seize upon you[r] prey. Your strength will fail you in the day of trouble, and your voice will fail, and not be heard afar off; but mine elect [the righteous Saints] will I uphold with mine arm, and my chosen shall be supported by my power. And when mine annointed shall be exalted [proven innocent], and all the lions of the forest shall have lost their strength [be proven to have reported falsehoods], then shall they remember that the Lord he is God.
(Times and Seasons 4 [February 15, 1843]: 97–98)


To me, what a beautiful vision is portrayed of a man I am becoming more acquainted with, a man among men if there were ever any worthy of such a title.

As for me and my house, Joseph never practiced polygamy, and the Spirit confirms this to my soul in peaceable simple truth, and boy oh boy does that open up a world of open-mindedness, the need to trust in no arm of flesh but in the almighty God, and the urgent need for each of us in seeking for greater knowledge from on high so as to know what the Lord God almighty would have a believing sincere soul do.

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Isaiah 9:10 America Fulfills Prophecy

I am completely left dumbfounded by this answer to prayers this Sabbath Day. America is repeating exactly what Israel did, found in and around the events and timings of Isaiah 9:10 (ironic that 9:10 is followed by 9:11? God is not mocked, but is mercifully being perfect in his warning us).

This is a warning from a nobody (myself included) to whom God opened my eyes this weekend, and the spirit confirms this to my soul. An invite to read through, ponder, study, and prayerfully approach God about these things so as to be aware and ready of these occurrences which are already almost completely fulfilled to the letter.

Please consider the following and make sure you are repenting personally, as our nation and its leaders have not repented but have defied the God who setup this nation for his purposes, and God has already given us the signs of our coming judgements in America, signs which are absolutely baffling once put together (which I will attempt to do so now with the help of some Jewish Rabbi friends).

I fear the promptings of my heart and mind, in that this September, the end of the year of the Lord, another shmita  (or Shemittah) year (see this definition for shmita),  the 7th year of the seven-year cycles, where every cycle would culminate in a Sabbatical year, known as Shemittah, or literally: "to release", and in our case as I will attempt to summarize and explain below, we the USA will be released from our financial system, as the beginning of the judgements of God on this nation which judgements started  officially on  9/11.

An invite to read through, ponder, and listen to the spirit, search this out and study it, it is the Lord telling us what to be ready for come the end of His calendar this year in September.

Harbinger is defined as: a forerunner of something. a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.

The following 9 harbingers are announcements or signs if you will, that have already taken place since 9/11, showing us the Lord has begun to Judge our nation, and it is not looking good, and it is baffling to realize how much our country parallels ancient Israel in every aspect, from being attacked, our hedge of protection breached, prophecy quoted and fulfilled by the very people (Israel) who were being wicked and were blinded by their own pride, to the covenant Geroge Washington established in the first inaugural address of our Nation under God, established in the chapel of Ground Zero, NY.

An invite for you to ponder this and pray and ask the Lord what we can do to repent and bring down his mercy upon us individually and as families, as soon we will be blessed to no longer have the false society of jobs, work, and economy we are so complacent, yet slave to, and it will be a mighty eternal blessing to us all.

I am no scholar in any way, most of this was brand new to me this very day I was lead to understand it - that is the way the Lord has been working with me my entire life, mysteries I'd never considered, let alone knew where or how to study about, come to me per the spirit's promptings, things that enlarge the soul, enlighten the mind, and empower with confidence of knowing of things to come for the benefit of my fellow mankind and the glorifying of God.

To get started, watch this quick movie about Solomon and the covenant the nation made with God. This parallels almost exactly what Washington said and did to establish the covenant our nation made with God.

1st Harbinger - The Breach

 The United States of America, just like ancient Israel has breached the covenant it made with God at the time of its founding.

In 732 BC the Assyrians (true terrorists of their times) Invaded Israel, breaching their hedge of protection - Although this was a temporary breach to Israel (as was ours on 9/11), the people did not turn to God in humility but boasted that they themselves would rebuild, they themselves would become stronger, without repentance, without God.

As a covenant people, this (hedge of protection being breached) is a first sign of judgement from God upon a covenant land and people, for turning away from him and repentance.

In like manner, the hedge of Protection of the United States of America was breached during the attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001 (whether or not it was an inside job or by actual terrorists).

This breach was temporary and limited, but was a wakeup call and an alarm, a first sign if you will of the coming judgements of God against a covenant land and people who have been defying a merciful and loving God. Up to the day of 9/11 2001, the USA had been pushing the God that gave her her freedom, out of her more and more, 9/11 for the USA, was like the breach that Israel suffered as their first Harbinger of things to come if they or we did not repent and turn back to the God as a covenant land and nation.

This first Harbinger is absolutely and incredibly telling of the coming 8 Harbingers which have all come to pass and were prophetically announced and fulfilled by the very people leading our nation (just as Israel).

God will not be mocked, and only he could have set this up, and only those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will understand it and repent personally.

2nd Harbinger - The Terrorist

732 BC Assyrians breached the hedge of protection and attacked Israel.

We are sold the story by our government, media, and leaders that in like manner people from the Middle East were those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

It is as if The Powers That Be are setting up the same biblical plot for us, or in other words the wicked are setting up just what the wicked did in ancient Israel.

The parallels are too much to ignore. Likening these scriptures to ourselves is an understatement.

The Assyrians were a brutal people. They are labeled as the Fathers of Terrorism. The Assyrians were a ruthless people that used Terror as a strategy to control people and conquer nations, they did everything and more than what we see today from "terrorists".

The quote "al-qaeda and ISIS" are the Assyrians of our day (although I personally have the understanding that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are nothing more than our own CIA's backed creations - but either way, it is terrorism).

Israel's ultimate demise started when they came into contact with the Assyrians (terrorists) and rather than humble themselves and call upon the God that gave them their nation and land, they said, in Isaiah 9:9,10 - "[they] that say in the pride and stoutness of heart, The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: they sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars."

In other words, the condemning words of defiance we hear form Israel are, We will rebuild, we will be stronger than before (but of course they said this without God in mind, and repentance, which others nations had done, but this was a covenant people and nation, who knew better).

After 9/11, America was brought into a conflict with terrorists, a conflict just like Israel engaged in, that continues to bring its demise on our nation with the global war on terrorism.

Stick with me here, this gets even more bizarre as you think about what is actually occurring TODAY in our country, God has shown us in plain scripture exactly what will befall us this year unless by some miracle the nation repents and turns to God in humility.

3rd Harbinger - Fallen Bricks

The most visible sign of the attacks on ancient Israel were that of fallen buildings and the heaps of fallen bricks. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the most visible site was that of fallen "bricks" from the fallen buildings. This may seem as the weakest of the Harbingers, but the parallels and symbolism are there, staring us in the face.

Israel sees the signs of destruction, fallen bricks, the sign of falling down... Just as the USA sees image of twin towers falling, fallen bricks, ruin heaps, both perpetrated by terrorists.

The World Trade Center is the symbol of Global power in our world today (or the USA's symbol of pride and prosperity), and it fell as a warning to the covenant nation of the USA, just as the buildings of Israel fell, and the fallen bricks were signs discussed by the Israelites, an image of the  beginning of the judgements of God, so will it be for us, as we are about to witness the third and final falling down of our symbol of pride and power, a compete economic collapse.

4th Harbinger - The Tower 

Rather than humble themselves and repent, Israel continues to say, we will rebuild stronger.

Just as Ancient Israel built a tower after the Assyrians breached their hedge of protection, the tower signifying their own power and strength to rebuild and be stronger than ever before rather than repent and be humble, the USA also did not repent from its sins after her breach and warning and has continued on its path relying on her own power, defying the God that gave us our freedoms, protections, and liberties, when we vowed to rebuild on Ground Zero.

This harbinger has already come about (like all the others) with the building of the "Freedom" Tower from the rubble at Ground Zero, "freedom" suggesting defiance  or freedom from the God of our nation and blessings, all-the-while we are praying "God bless America", as we continue to rely on our own selves to rebuild and become stronger as a nation.

In the wake of 9/11, America focuses on rebuilding and revenge. Leaders all say, we will rebuild and come out stronger and tougher - resolve and defiance, build stronger and taller... America's defiance is shown towards God. Rebuild NY, Ground Zero, without repentance but with pride and arrogance, we will show the world, but we will not depend on God.

USA built the Freedom Tower - just as Israel said after the Assyrian attack, Come let us build ourselves a Tower. Both are symbols of defiance and an unrepentant covenant nation.

5th Harbinger - Gazit Stone (Gazit means hewn chiseled stone)

Israel said they would rebuild with Hewn Stone (Gazit Stone - Hebrew, stone cut out of quarry, to become massive rectangular block). The Israelite's said that their clay bricks have fallen, they are weak, we will come back stronger and build with hewn stone - to become invulnerable from attack.

The Gazit stone is laid down in the ground of destruction both in Israel and Ground Zero, we will make it the cornerstone, we can build higher and even stronger with these Gazit (stronger stone cut from quarry) stones.

Both Israel and our Nation held ceremonies when the cornerstone was laid where the rubble once was from the attacks on each nation, not in humble repentance but arrogant pride and defiance of the need of God's hand to be stronger and taller.

After 9/11, the cornerstone, cut and chiseled out of the rock cut out of the New York mountains, was brought back to become a symbol of defiance. 20 tons of Granite was quarried (Gazit stone) and  taken back to Ground Zero to where the bricks had fallen, a large ceremony was held around the stones of defiance, leaders assemble around it, and ignorantly proclaimed vows of defiance over the stone (read on to the other Harbingers to hear these proclamations of defiance).

The stone of defiance and the tower to be built become the bedrock of the new symbol of America's strength and confidence without her God. We built the freedom tower. Freedom stone. Sending a message to the people around the world - embodying the spirit of defiance.

The nation acts in spirit of defiance, rather than repenting. Our nation is replaying what leaders of ancient Israel did, as they laid the ancient cornerstone of Judgement.

Ancient Israel was not humbled or penitent by judgements, they become defiant and withstand God.

6th Harbinger - The Sycamore Tree (This one touched me the most)

In Isaiah, the nation of Israel declared that its sycamore trees had been destroyed by the Assyrians during the attack but they would replace them with Cedar Trees.

Mind-bogglingly the parallel after the collapse of the buildings during the 9/11 attacks, a shock was created by the explosions below the Trade Centers that damaged all buildings around the area. Only one building was spared and not harmed, as it was protected from the flying debris by one of the only sycamore trees to be found in the downtown area of NY, out in its courtyard.

This building, shielded by the sycamore tree, was the first place of the first Inauguration of the first President, George Washington, in the first capital of the USA, on April 30, 1789.

The sycamore that was "cut down" by the debris (symbolic to Christ, Mercy, and a wakeup sign of the covenant that existed with our Nation, covenant that was established in that building) to save the place where Pres. George Washington gave a prophetic speech about what would keep America free, and that was to serve her God.

This now dead tree, just like the Israelites did in another symbol of defiance, was memorialized and put at ground Zero, and was then replaced by a spruce pine, the same taller and stronger coniferous tree family of the Cedar tree the Israelites planted also belongs to, suggesting their defiance, replacing the beautiful shade of the Sycamore with the taller and stronger Coniferous trees.

America's sign was the same as Israel's. The uncanny and precise thing occurred to a single sycamore tree on 9/11, when the debris hit the sycamore tree and killed it, sparing the building where the covenant with God spoken of by America's first president at the first inaugural speech of the Nation took place. God is giving us plenty of warnings.

We take the dead sycamore, just as the Israelites did, and put it on display and call it, "The Sycamore of Ground Zero", the "Tree of Hope" - without realizing it is an ancient symbol of judgement upon the nation. Read on.

7th Harbinger - The Cedar or Erez Tree

In Isaiah the nation of Israel vows to replace the damaged sycamores with cedars as a show of strength against God, as cedar trees are a stronger tree than sycamores. Two years after 9/11, on November 29, 2003, an actual tree was planted in the place of the fallen sycamore of Ground Zero.

The tree a 21-foot tall spruce (from the same Coniferous family of the Cedar) was seen being brought in the air triumphantly by a crane, to be planted and called the "Tree of Hope".

Interestingly, that tree, the "Tree of Hope (hope without God)" died early in the year 2014 - suggesting to the mind, that hope for repentance has now past for our nation in the last 7 years before the 7th Shmita year (September 2015) of judgement again comes our way, this time the judgement is to take away the blessing of the power of this country, which was and is its economy.

God uses his canvas, his creations to show signs and wonders, warnings and judgements. The tree was without coincidence placed there, and killed there, protecting the building where the covenant literally began for this nation under God, and parallels Israel's very actions.

Israel's Officiator over the ceremony said this tree of hope is planted where the sycamore tree once stood. The exact same phraseology was used during the ceremony for the "Tree of Hope" in NY. Many do not realize what is taking place and nor are they figuring it out during these speeches, it is just happening. Fulfilling the parallel of Ancient Israel to the T.

Then, to top it off, our very leaders in baffling self-prophecy quote Isaiah 9:10 in relation to the tree of hope, the tower, and the attacks. What greater witnesses do we need than these?

8th Harbinger - The Utterance

This is called the "vow of defiance" in the scriptures. For there to be a parallel with the ancient Israel account, we need national leaders to speak the defiant vow within the Nation's place of power, the capital.

Not only was the vow repeated in the capital, but Isaiah 9:10 was the center focus of the address given by John Edwards during the 9/11 memorial in the year 2004, stating word for word, Isaiah 9:10 at the very beginning of his speech.

The Utterance is the vow that seals Israel's / USA's Fate.  Ancient Israel - stated their Vow of Defiance against God in Samaria, in the Capital.

American Leaders say actual words in vow of defiance. People said we will rebuild, but the leaders also say it.  Leaders determine the course of the nation (which is why the Lord says we should select wise and righteous leaders).

Who in their right mind would proclaim a verse of Judgement on the Nation linked to 9/11 in a speech to congress and the nation? Only those who don't understand the blind leading the blind into the pit.

John Edwards Sept 11, 2004 - Has no idea he is about to read and fulfill prophecy, when he starts his address to Congress by saying "We have the Lord's word to get us through" - as he then mistakenly, but prophetically Quotes Isaiah 9:10 to inspire his nation? He quotes the ancient Vow of Defiance.

He quotes of all the verses in the bible the one that curses Israel - Incredible again how he bases his entire talk around Isaiah 9:10.  That our People, our people will rebuild (our strength not God's).

9th Harbinger - The Prophecy

Another parallel with ancient Israel is that a leader of our nation must utter the words of Isaiah 9:10 as prophecy to bring about the other 8 harbingers.

If it wasn't enough to have a few years later John Edwards quote the scripture exactly, we have the very day after the 9/11 attacks, Senator Tom Daschle (who was Senate Majority Leader at the time), stated the following:

"Nothing--nothing--can replace the losses that have been suffered. I know there is only the smallest measure of inspiration that can be taken from this devastation. But there is a passage in the Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times such as this: The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars." He then continues, "That is what we will do. We will rebuild and we will recover. The people of America will stand strong together because the people of America have always stood together. And those of us privileged to serve this great Nation will stand with you."

 This scripture was proclaimed publicly in the nation's capital, and has become national record. What is more blatant than this?

Israel's Vow is Proclaimed prophetically and becomes part of the National Record...  Ancient Israel's leaders were prophetic, foretelling the Nations Course of Defiance and Judgement,  Isaiah Quotes the vow for that reason. We know what happened to Israel.

On the Day, think about that folks, the very day after 9/11, in the capital city, on capital hill, Tom Daschle presents the response of Nation to the attacks of 9/11.. He Proclaims prophecy... as he Ominously quotes the passage in Isaiah 9:10, Bricks and Trees...

The man appointed to give the nation's response, utters the words of Ancient Israel, then closes his speech prophesying, "that is what we will do, we will rebuild" America's course will be Isaiah 9:10 - The dust of the 9/11 attacks were still settling as Tom Daschle was quoting 9:10 - he has no idea the stone, tree, cornerstone etc. will all be set, he has no idea, but quotes it all and prophetically proclaims all that came about.

This remember was the day after 9/11 and every thing Israel did, the USA has done to the letter. This is no mistake but a loving merciful God showing us what he is about to do as a judgement of our covenant breaking nation, which is the same merciful God that Israel defied.

Isaiah 9:10 is in the Senate Record! Prophecy was manifested the day after 9-11... which prophecy was all fulfilled exactly as Israel's last days were shown. All has been manifested to the USA, all of it.


Obama, as if to put the final piece on the doom of our covenant land or at least its symbol of power being taken down (the economy) in speaking about the economy, he said in his 2009 State of the Union Speech (the year of our second economic warning collapse sign),

“Tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild. And the United States of America will emerge stronger than before"

 This was spoken at the location of the 9/11 attacks, bringing the message full circle.

Then, to add injury to the insult, in June of the same year, Obama visited the new tower under construction at Ground Zero in NY, and he wrote on a steel girder designated to be the "highest beam" in the structure the words, 'We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger!"

Then in his speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for president he said, "A new tower rises above the New Your skyline, al-Qaida is on the path to defeat and Osama bin Laden is dead."

Just as Israel's leaders took a defiant posture and promised to rebuild by themselves, so has our uninspired "leaders". Now the tower has been crowned and finished with the words paralleling Isaiah's account, the ancient vow of judgement.

If those were not enough, please read on, it gets more interesting...

I'm now going to paraphrase from this post (https://www.dollarvigilante.com/blog/2014/9/12/god-has-chosen-an-exact-date-for-the-dollar-collapse-harbing.html )
All of those harbingers would be interesting enough on their own... making you wonder if something supernatural is happening or if, perhaps, the occult (secret society) elites are playing out a satanic-style ritual and following the Bible as a playbook in re-enactment.
Here's where it gets even weirder.  Way weirder.
Have you heard of the Shmita?  Neither had I.  The Shmita is a Sabbath year observed every seven years in Judaism, in which the land isn't cultivated and debts are cancelled.  The Hebrew calendar is different than our modern day calendar.  On the last day of Shmita, all debts are supposed to be forgiven.  Shmita lasts a year but on the last day, known as Elul 29, in the Hebrew calendar, all debts are to be forgiven and a sort-of "wiping the slate clean" is supposed to occur.
In 2001, that date fell just six days after 9/11, on September 17th.  That was the day when the US stock markets re-opened and had one of its biggest drops in history, falling 7%.
In 2008, the final day of Shmita was September 29, 2008.  That day is infamous for having the third largest stock market collapse in US history, falling 9%, or 777 points (and the only known day where the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange would not ring).
Take note here the proliference of the number seven.  The Shmita occurs every 7 years and results in a washing away of debts.  On the last day of Shmita in 2001, the stock market fell 7%.  On the last day of Shmita in 2008, the stock market fell 777 points.
Earlier this year I watched a speech by Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, and she made some bizarre statements that always stuck with me and made me wonder what she was talking about.  She spoke for a number of minutes, at the very beginning of her speech, about numerology and the importance of the "number 7".

After I heard about the Shmita and how not only the last two major financial collapses in the US happened on the day of the end of the Shmita, but others as well going back into history, I began to put two and two together... and came up with 7.

Given all the bizarre coincidences between the Shmita, 9/11, the financial collapse of 2008 and how the US government has followed biblical scriptures almost to a T in their response to 9/11... and then having the IMF head talking for extended periods about numerology and the number 7, a rational person has to conclude that something may be afoot!
Whether it is truly something supernatural or if it is occult (secret society - occult means hidden) activity (almost all things in our financial and political system today are tied to occult secret societies include the Free Masons... you just have to look at the masonic symbology on the back of the US one dollar bill to see their symbol, a pyramid with an all seeing eye, to know there is more to it than most know) there are enough coincidences to seriously question what is going on.
So, when is the next Shmita?  It starts in a few weeks, on September 25th of this year and the final day, Elul 29, falls on September 13, 2015.
Therefore, if the last two Shmita dates are an indication, something massive may befall the global financial system anytime between those dates and, more specifically, on September 13, 2015.
It is always easy to fall into the trap of verifying your own biases which could clearly be the case here... but it should be said that both Doug Casey and I have been hesitant to give exact dates or time periods on the next collapse but we've both been sensing that it may be later this year or, at the latest, next year... and so this ties into our perceptory timeframe.
Now, I am not saying that, for sure, a massive financial and economic collapse will happen on September 13, 2015 nor that it is pre-ordained that it will happen during the Shmita year from September 25th of this year until then... but what I am saying is that this is interesting information that should not be totally ignored completely.
Those who follow these secret societies know that they are heavily into things like numerology and symbolism and Lagarde may have just been giving a hint to us of their plans.  Or, who knows, maybe there is some supernatural being that is making these things happen.  You certainly can't disprove it with facts.
What I can say is that based on this and a lot more information I have been discovering I am re-reading the bible and delving further into ancient events than I ever have prior.
In either case, this Shmita timeframe falls into a very similar timeframe that I already had in mind for massive financial, economic and political events and my advice remains unchanged.
Prepare now for what is coming.  It will be an event of "biblical proportions" in terms of The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI) and the most dangerous time in known human history for capital on a global scale.
Whether these biblical prophecies or the Shmita are true or not, or if it is just being acted out by occult elites, or if it is all coincidence and inconsequential, something massive will happen in all our lives in the coming years.  I suggest you prepare now.  
The Harbingers continue... it doesn't stop...  the judgements do not stop, but continue, God is judging America

War on Terrorism
Crash of Stock Market
Global Economic Collapse
The Recession (Home Bubble Collapse)
Driven God out of our Schools and Govt
Sacrificing Children (Abortion)
We are mocking God and his word

God is calling us to rise for this time - be the salt of the earth, the light the earth needs

If we do not repent, more and more calamities will come again and again until it comes in its fulness

Harbinger is a message of Hope, calling American and Each of Us to repent.
What will we do on our day of judgement - is Symbolic of the Ground Zero occurrences. We can repent and avoid the judgement upon our nation as individuals and families.

We are one heartbeat away from the day of judgement - he is at the door.

What does the future hold? There comes a second shaking
God may have allowed us to be attacked (stopped protecting us because of our defiance), but we are going to (pride and defiance) rebuild without you, stronger and better.

America like Israel was established for God's purposes. America like Israel turned away from the ways of God, even a rapid departure. Solomon as Washington warned the covenant land and nation - serve God or the judgements will come upon us. They already have here in the USA.

Every Detail will be manifested in America. It will open a door to a revelation of the future of America.

Isaiah 9:10 Effect SECOND SHAKING
Harbingers continued with Ancient Israel, warnings and foreshadows, the judgment will continue until we repent or God's wrath is poured out in its fulness.

God gave Israel a grace period to choose God or live in Defiance. 2014, the year the "tree of hope" died was in my view the end of the grace period, hope died for repentance as a nation.

Because the first did not help people repent a second judgement is necessary.
Isaiah 9:10 continues on to 9:11 - and it continues.

The Harbingers will now produce the Isaiah 9:10 Effect... which will bring about the calamity that the nation tried to prevent. The root problem is not being addressed.

There will be a second shaking that will touch America in its economic and financial power, where as it was first (9-11) America's security.

Economic Collapse starts with dropping to extreme rates, eases money, excessive borrowing and lending - SEPT. 2008 - America Economy Crashes...
Divine anger will not cease until things have changed.
September 12, 2008 same day vow was made, 7 years earlier. 7th anniversary.

Ezekiel 13:14 - Laying bare of a nation's foundation.. that which a nation trusts - America's superpower will be made bare, New York, Manhattan, Wall St. Foundation was laid for America's financial rise, March 1792 secret meeting to form association, May they signed agreement to found stock association - Buttonwood Agreement, Buttonwood Association?

Buttonwood is name of Tree, name of tree on Wallstreet where you could gather
Buttonwood is another name for Sycamore Tree. Sycamore tree was symbol of America's financial superpower - founded under a living tree. What does an uprooted sycamore stand for? Symbol of uprooting.

God is using his creations, sycamore tree to show us what will happen. The sycamore Tree is now a monument on Wall St. which God allowed us to have in America.

Shmeeta, 7th year will be a sabbath year. Debts were released on last day of the year. Shmeeta was meant to be a blessing, but it would be a sign of judgement if the people reviled against God. Shmeeta holds mystery to the timing of judgement no the nation.

Economic collapse was 7 years after 9-11. The peak of the 2008 crash was end of September, 29th day of 2008, ordained and exact biblical date when the nation was to forgive its debts. Exactly 777 points is what dropped in collapse.

7 year periods. Two great financial collapses in American were exactly on the dates of Israel end of sabbath Shmeetah year. September.

Shmeetah can mean collapse. Collapse of America. Sign of Judgement on nation's economy, a nation that once knew God.

2 Corinth. 13:1
Two or three witnesses

1st Witness, Senate Majority Leader, Day after 9/11, cites Isaiah 9:10 
(We will rebuild and we will recover)
2nd Witness, Gives Testimony in DC, 9/11 2004, John Edwards, cites Isaiah 9:10 
(entire speech is around ancient Israel vow of destruction, pronouncing judgement)
3rd Witness, Feb 24, 2009 - new president is on capital hill, enters house of representatives, goes to podium and says this... sets stage of economic collapse, "while our economy may be weakened, and confidence shaken - WE WILL REBUILD, WE WILL RECOVER" said at economic crisis, vow is linked not only to first calamity but also the 2nd.
HEADLINES are everywhere, "We Will Rebuild" Isaiah 9:10 - We Will Rebuild.

Harbingers are put on display

Israel thought we could determine our own destiny.
Obama, "weight of the problems will not determine our own destiny. "

We now say as a people that the solutions exist in ourselves, pride of the hardest working people on earth. The USA will emerge stronger than before.

Isaiah 9:10 - superimposed on the President's Words...

Put words side by side with President Obama...

The Mystery Ground
Solomon prayed for mercy upon the nation when judgment would come
Final ultimate sign of judgement was when the temple mount was destroyed - PRINCIPLE - a MYSTERY of returning back...

America founded on God April 30 1789, inauguration of America's first president. George Washington. Day of national prayer, God's providence, as Solomon spoke, so Washington gave a prophetic warning - Washington gave a prophetic warning, first address first day, spoke of the smiles of heaven, if America ever turns away from God and His hand, God will remove his blessings from her. His holy Protection is being removed.

First act of America, was to gather to pray to consecrate her nation's future to God. After the address, Washington leaves the first everything, to go to the ground where he would go to pray, he goes to the first capital, New York City, lower manhattan, did it on the ground called St. Paul's chapel - which stands at ground Zero. America was dedicated to God on the corner of Ground Zero. Ground Zero is America's consecration land, it is America's dedicated ground to God. Nation's first entire Government praying to God for the future of America, on ground Zero.

There was a tree on the ground of consecration, a Sycamore Tree. The sycamore that was struck down on the same ground where America was founded and dedicated to God.

9/11 Shockwave went down to the Federal Hall and struck the foundation and Cracked it. All buildings around twin towers, the only building that survived was the building where America was dedicated to God. The Sycamore shielded the chapel.

God is calling America back to Return. His voice is crying out from ground zero - return and be saved.

IF MY PEOPLE... (if is key word... not just for the nation... but for the people)
2nd Cronicles 7:14 (God's word for America, return to prayer, return and repent)
After 9/11 people flocked to their churches to pray... to watch over our nation... no repentance, it was God bless America, no searching of hearts, nothing of did we bring it upon ourselves. Without no repentance there is no salvation.

Rise up and be bold and manifest his love in truth. we are the lights in America and this is the time we must shine.

- Gas prices are their lowest in decades suggesting the end of the economy is near, our Gaddianton government giving the American a FALSE sense of security that all is well in Zion-America, we prosper, and the economy recovers - a false lie.

- Lowest interest rates, always preceding an economic collapse the federal reserve lowers interest rates so as to get people to invest, buy homes, new cars, etc.

I am updating this as I further my studies... feel free to chime in. This video below is also worth a watch.