Monday, July 28, 2014

The Grace Flow - God's resources Available to His Children

If you haven't read our story about being prospered by the hand of God, please do so as it relates and is the introduction to our learning of the Grace Flow.

Simply put, the Grace flow is as follows:

God gives you and I resources. Whether great or small, we have the agency to use those resources for our needs and wants, and then, in wisdom and order, the choice to share them freely with others according to their needs and wants.

When God entrusts us with His resources, and we hold onto them selfishly, not imparting to others, he stops entrusting us with MORE of his resources. We are selfish whether we realize it or not when we are given his resources and we hold onto them and impart not to others after our needs and wants are met.

Yet, if we impart to others the resources He gives us freely (allowing his grace to FLOW through us) then he can entrust us with more of his resources. The Grace Flow. Allowing his grace to flow through us to others, which enlarges our souls and lifts and enlarges others as we move through life.

The grace flow can trickle down to forever, through eternity. This woman, who was God's blessing to us in answer to our prayers, allowed God's grace to flow through her to my wife and I. When we conversed with her about this principle of truth, she had very little idea of how she allowed grace to flow through her freely to us, and how the same grace, Christ's grace is flowing to others now through us, trickling down and blessing many lives.

I look at her life, her blessings, her being prospered more and more, even beyond comprehension (marriage relationship after divorce, financial blessings you wouldn't believe, friendships, etc.), and I can't help but smile, as it seems the resources and blessings she continues to receive are amplified and grow more and more, again almost beyond belief (such that you cannot receive them all)... because of the grace she allows to flow through her life freely to others, through a simple following of the prompting she had towards us, she is now reaping what she has sewed, and what she had sewed with us is the grace flow, for which we are forever grateful.

She helped introduce us to this valuable lesson, maybe not even realizing what she was doing for us, as we shared this with her, her not even recognizing so much what she was doing for us... she was part of the answer to our prayers in our learning to be prospered by the Hand of God or better said, learning to trust him more fully.

Truly He can feed us as we are greater than "the fowls of the air, for they sow not, neither do they reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them", are we not greater than these? (3rd Nephi 13:26-34)

It came down to our not understanding the principle upon which these blessings were predicated (D&C 130:20,21). Man cannot be saved or blessed I would add, in ignorance (D&C 131:6). When something isn't going as you expected, blessings that should be there are absent, ask the Lord to soften your heart, open your mind and teach you what you are not currently understanding. That is our witness, only God could have given us (Mosiah 24:12-15)

Practice this principle of truth. Kneel before God in humble prayer, thank him for what you have been given by his grace, and ask him to help you to let his Grace flow through you, and watch as he entrusts you with more of his resources and gifts, as this isn't just about prospering temporally, but more powerfully the same grace flow works with knowledge, testimony, and the gifts he has given us each individually.

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  1. I don't even know how I got this page, but I thank the Lord for guiding me to it.