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Parables of Joseph Smith (Hidden Messages of His Innocence) - Fruits of a True Prophet

I just read for the first time ever, one of Joseph's parables (I did not know he spoke parables - but why not as the inspired Prophet of the restoration - and I submit just one of the Treasures he said we could find in his submissions to the Times and Seasons) in which parable hidden messages can be found of his innocence in relationship to the numerous accusations (that sadly still are promulgated today and even taught in manuals) heaped towards him, esp. the FALSE ACCUSATIONS of his having practiced and taught polygamy.

If there ever was a time to wake up to the truth about Joseph and polygamy, is it not now in these last days? I feel that this very irony and paradox will be one major divisive line that all saints must take heed to, as if we do not recognize and heed the voice of Christ, esp. in this matter, then we may very well be deceived in the end, as many are called but few are chosen.

An invite to ask the Lord about this parable and the source where I was lead to find it this 4th watch in the morning.

One of Joseph's many "treasures" to be found and verified always by the voice that testifies of truth.

Joseph Found Another Way to Say, "I Am Innocent" [interpretations added in brackets by those in the source I posted below the parable] worth a read through:

It came to pass that as I [Joseph] went forth like a young fawn, one day, to feed upon the green grass in my pasture, an ass [Dr. John C. Bennett] saw me, and brayed, and made a great noise; which a neighboring lion [editor] hearing roared, even as a lion roareth when he beholds his prey: at the sound of his voice the beasts of the field were alarmed, and the lions in the adjoining jungles pricked their ears and roared in their turn; and behold all the lions [editors] of the forest, alarmed by the noise, opened their mouths and uttered forth their voice which was as the roaring of a cataract, or as the voice of thunder; so tremendous was their roaring that the trees of the forest shook, as if they were shaken by a mighty wind; and all the beasts of the forest trembled, as if a whirlwind were passing. I lifted up mine eyes with astonishment when I heard the voice of the lions, and saw the fury of their rage. I asked, is it possible that so many lords of the forest, such noble beasts, should condescend to notice one solitary fawn, that is feeding alone upon his pasture; without attempting to excite either their jealousy or anger? I have not strayed from the fold, nor injured the trees of the forest, nor hurt the beasts of the field, nor trampled upon their pasture, nor drunk of their streams; why then their rage against me? When lo! and behold! they again uttered their voices, as the voice of great thunderings, and there was given unto them the voice of men; but it was difficult for me to distinguish what was said, among so many voices; but ever and anon I heard a few broken, incoherent sentences, like the following:— Murder! Desolation!! Bloodshed!!! Arson!!! Treason!!! Joe Smith and the Mormons!... I then lifted up my voice and said, hear me, ye beasts of the forest! and all ye great lions [editors] pay attention! I am innocent of the things whereof ye accuse me. I have not been guilty of violating your laws, nor of trespassing upon your rights. My hands are clean from the blood of all men, and I am at the defiance of the world to substantiate the crimes whereof I am accused; wherefore, then, should animals of your noble mein stoop to such little jealousies, such vulgar language, and lay such unfounded charges at the door of the innocent (italics added)? It is true that I once suffered an ass [Dr. Bennett] to feed in my pasture; he ate at my crib and drank at my waters, but possessing the true nature of an ass, he began to foul the water with his feet, and to trample under foot the green grass, and destroy it. I therefore put him out of my pasture, and he began to bray. Many of the lions in the adjoining jungles mistaking his braying for the roaring of a lion, commenced roaring. When I proclaimed this abroad many of the lions began to enquire into the matter.... And they felt ashamed of themselves for being decoyed into such base ribaldry, and foul-mouthed slander [Dr. Bennett's polygamous charges against Joseph]. But there were many that lost sight of their dignity, and continued to roar.... Among these was a great lion, whose den was on the borders of the eastern sea [Editor James Gordon Bennett of the New York Herald].... His might, his influence were felt to the ends of the earth; when he lashed his tail the beasts of the forest trembled; and when he roared all the great lions and the young lions crouched down at his feet.*
This great lion lifting up himself and beholding the fawn afar off [in Illinois], he opened his mouth, and joining in the common roar, uttered the following...
JOE SMITH IN TROUBLE.—By a letter which we published on Sunday, from Springfield, Illinois, it appears that Joe Smith, the great Mormon Prophet, has at last given himself up to the authorities of Illinois.... why does not Joe try his power at working a miracle or two? Now's the time to prove his mission—besides being very convenient for himself."
When I heard it, I said poor fellow! How has thy dignity fallen!...
And now, friend B. [James Gordon Bennett] allow me to whisper a word in thine ear. Dost thou not know that there is a God in the heavens that judgeth? that setteth up one and putteth down another according to the counsel of his own will? That if thou possesses! any influence, wisdom, dominion, or power, it comes from God, and to him thou art indebted for it? That he holds the destinies of men in his power, and can as easily put down as he has raised up? Tell me when hast thou treated a subject of religious and eternal truth with that seriousness and candor that the importance of the subject demands from a man in thy standing, possessing thy calling and influence? As you seem to be quite a theologist, allow me to ask a few questions, why did not God deliver Micaiah from the hands of his persecutors? Why did not Jeremiah "work a miracle or two," to help him out of the dungeon? It would have been "very convenient." Why did not Zacheriah, by a miracle prevent the people from slaying him? Why did not our Saviour come down from the cross? The people asked him to do it; and besides he had "saved others," and could not save himself, so said the people. Why did he not prove his mission by working a miracle and coming down? Why did not Paul by a miracle prevent the people from stoning and whipping him? It would have been "very convenient." Or why did the saints of God, in every age, have to wander about in sheep skins and goat skins? Being tempted, tried, and sawn asunder; of whom the world was not worthy....
I listened, and lo! I heard a voice, and it was the voice of my shepherd [Jesus Christ], saying, listen all ye lions [editors] of the forest; and all the beasts of the field give ear; ye have sought to injure the innocent [with many false charges, including plural marriage]; and your hands have been lifted against the weak, the injured and the oppressed. Ye have pampered the libertine, the calumniator, and the base. Ye have winked at vice, and trodden under foot the virtuous and the pure. Therefore hear, all ye lions of the forest. The Lord God will take from you your teeth, so that you shall no longer devour. He will pluck out your claws, so that you can no longer seize upon you[r] prey. Your strength will fail you in the day of trouble, and your voice will fail, and not be heard afar off; but mine elect [the righteous Saints] will I uphold with mine arm, and my chosen shall be supported by my power. And when mine annointed shall be exalted [proven innocent], and all the lions of the forest shall have lost their strength [be proven to have reported falsehoods], then shall they remember that the Lord he is God.
(Times and Seasons 4 [February 15, 1843]: 97–98)


To me, what a beautiful vision is portrayed of a man I am becoming more acquainted with, a man among men if there were ever any worthy of such a title.

As for me and my house, Joseph never practiced polygamy, and the Spirit confirms this to my soul in peaceable simple truth, and boy oh boy does that open up a world of open-mindedness, the need to trust in no arm of flesh but in the almighty God, and the urgent need for each of us in seeking for greater knowledge from on high so as to know what the Lord God almighty would have a believing sincere soul do.

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy:

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